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To Potential Clients

Dear Executive:

Thank you for your interest in GrandTrend!

Since its accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), China has been more open to foreign enterprises aspiring to expand their business into what is now the world’s largest marketplace. An increasing number of foreign investors and companies have come or are coming to China seeking to boost their market share. Some of them have succeeded, but unfortunately, some have failed. The reasons for their failure are generally believed to be lack of understanding of the business environment and the rules of the game in the changing China and lack of experience and effective communications with local governments and related parties. And sometimes it is difficult for them to identify and deal with risks.

Foreign companies that want to achieve success in the Chinese market should identify and resolve the following problems:

  • Communications and Understanding: Establish a proper and effective mechanism to communicate with governmental authorities at all levels and relevant partners. Since there is marked difference between international and local practices, to make correct strategies and decisions, they must obtain an accurate and deep understanding of all relevant parties and matters, including applicable laws, policies, regulations, approval procedures, government working methods and a solid understanding of the Chinese business culture;
  • Relationships and Contacts: Build long term strategies and cordial cooperative relationships with government departments at all levels and partners on the basis of mutual trust;
  • Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence: Conduct due diligence and feasibility studies (very important), design a mutually beneficial trading model and commercial structure, identify and allocate all the risks objectively and reasonably.
    In most cases, it is difficult for foreign companies and their lawyers or representatives to address the aforementioned issues independently. These issue are the major obstacles preventing foreign companies from achieving their goals. So, what is solution?

GrandTrend’s high quality, cost-effective and professional consulting services are the solutions. Our attributes are: local culture, a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese market, tailored services, strong relationships and contacts with government organizations and officials, a unique ability to combine international practices with local conditions and a professional and seasoned team. Our key team members have been in overall charge of the implementation of the China national BOT pilot projects (approved by the NDRC, on the basis of project financing) for the clients, including a BOT project opportunity study, feasibility study, financing proposal, lobbying decision and policy making, building relationships and links, putting together approval procedures and procurement processes such as pre-qualifications, preparation of bidding documents, bid evaluation and concession agreement negotiations. We have also been involved in the project preparations and management of toll road projects, the pre-investment study of wind power farm project and the lobbying services (proved very successful) for an LNG power and a coal-fired power project. We are currently involved in the pre-investment study, development and lobbying services of a wind power farm project in North China for a client leading the field in China.

From 2004 till now, we have provided consulting services for many China’s largest State-owned power corporations on bidding for a total of six national level wind power BOT concession projects in China (with an overall installed capacity of 1200MW). The high-quality bid documents produced by GrandTrend helped our clients win their bids respectively in 2004 and 2005. The comprehensively evaluated scores of the two bids for 2006 were ranked first and third respectively among the 18 bids.

GrandTrend can provide a package of solutions to assist clients to resolve all major obstacles. Through long term cooperation with government departments at all levels and partners from home and abroad, GrandTrend has built and maintained strong working relationships on the basis of trust. With rich commercial sources and a dynamic, creative and versed team, we are in a very favorable position to offer our clients professional services in bridging cultural gaps, conducting effective communications, a correct understanding of the market environment, making right strategies and decisions, carrying out feasibility studies, lobbying services, identifying and allocating risks and negotiating with partners.

Our clients include: international investors, corporations or companies, contractors, banks, financial institutes, organizations and related governmental agencies at all levels, that are involved in a wide range of industrial, financial and commercial activities in China.

The major industry sectors GrandTrend offers services are: New energies (such as wind power and biomass) and traditional energies (thermal power and hydropower), environmental protection, urban utilities, roads and transport, water affairs, natural resources, agriculture, and other related sectors.

We are confident that our excellent services can assist you to successfully achieve your commercial goals in China.


Executive Director


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