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Investment and Financing Consulting Services

GrandTrend holds strong competence to provide leading edge multi-discipline professional consulting services for clients of both public and private sectors, including: Governmental agencies, Foreign & Domestic Investors, Corporations, Finance Institutes, International Organizations, etc. Our services cover multiple industries particularly in the fields of renewable energies (esp. in wind power, biomass etc), traditional energy and power engineering (thermal power and hydropower), roads and transportation, water resources and hydropower, agriculture, telecommunications, high-tech and other related industry sectors. We can provide whole process consulting services from investment environment analysis, investment and financing opportunity research, feasibility study and project proposal, financing program development, project design, permanent works and equipment procurements, construction management, system integration and commissioning, operational business management, project post-appraisal, etc.
GrandTrend is committed to providing its clients with high quality professional and comprehensive services wholeheartedly.Our services in the investing and financing aspects could be categorized into the following points:

Investment and Finance Consulting Services:

According to the international and UNIDO practices, the investment project cycle is generally divided into three distinct phases, the pre-investment, the investment and the operational phases. We can provide consulting services throughout the project cycle. In the pre-investment phase, services provided include: identification of investment opportunities, analysis of project alternatives and preliminary project selection, project financing proposal, project preparation (pre-feasibility and feasibility studies), project appraisal and investment decisions (appraisal report). In the investment phase, services offered include: establishing the legal, financial and organizational basis for the implementation of the project, detailed contracting, preparing tendering documents and evaluation of bids, project management, negotiations, recruitment and training of personnel. In the operational phase, we can assist our clients to build and maintain goodwill relationships with the local government departments and partners.

Bidding Consulting Services:

We can provide bidding consulting services to our clients (such as contractors, suppliers, or investors, developers and financers when selecting project sponsors on a competitive tendering basis.) who bid for a contract, we can assist our clients to formulate bidding strategies, collect related information, evaluate the competitive situation, and develop good public relations with related parties. In the last two years, our clients—two of the largest state-owned power corporation of China, with our consulting services, had sequentially won the bids of national level wind power BOT projects that were on bidding respectively in 2004 and 2005. And we have been entrusted by one of them to provide consulting services for the bidding of three national level wind power BOT projects in 2006, with a total installed capacity up to 700MW. The bids are still under evaluation.

Marketing Assistance and Due Diligence:

We can carry out due diligence and marketing assistance, including assistance in the initial business and market entry process, market research, risk analysis and control, lobbying related organizations and persons, building and maintaining close goodwill relationships and contacts, selecting local partners, applying for various licenses, certificates etc.
Facilitating Negotiations and Approval Process: We can assist our clients to work out the negotiating strategies in negotiations and get the related approval as soon as possible. Upon clients’ authorization, we can act as the clients’ agent to conduct negotiating and get the related approvals for our clients.
Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting Services: We can assist our clients to identify the right business partners and provide related consulting services.

Partnering Opportunities:

We are willing to establish the strategy partner relationships with other firms and organizations to share the market and progress together. We can be engaged in one-stop, full service, project execution and management, and act in the role of project partner, sub-consultant, facilitator etc.
Technology Transfer: We can assist clients to identify partners and promote their advanced technology.
Information Services: We can provide a wide range of information to clients to avoid the pitfalls.
International Conference and Training Services: We can co-organise international conference and provide training services in China by cooperating with foreign partners.

There are some special features with the consulting services provided respectively for companies, governments and financial organizations, as outlined below:

For companies

Offering consulting services on national laws and legislations, administrative regulations, local legislations, State Council ministerial regulations, local government regulations, engineering construction codes and standards, nationalization policy etc.
Offering research on new energy investment policy
Policy consultancy for new energy
Investment consultancy for domestic and foreign companies, enterprises, and investment organizations
Assisting in project information collection, investigation and analysis
Business model design and financial benefit analysis
Consultancy on market development and public relations
Developing investment and financing plans
Evaluating competition environment and analyzing risks
Investment environment analysis and investment suggestion
Market survey and research
Dynamic research on progress of new energy industry
Sector analysis. equipment and manufacturers, and their current technical levels and development potential
Raising fund and investment optimization
Investment risk analysis and de-risk recommendations

For governments

Assisting governments at various levels in making prophase development research and feasibility study
Inviting business, attracting capital and project procurement as government delegate
Assisting government in the preparation project analysis reports
Composing tendering documents
Investment and financing scheme design and financial benefit analysis
Offering other consulting services as needed by governments
For financial organizations and security companies
Helping make feasibility study for intended loan projects
Risk assessment and credibility investigation
As delegated, conducting Independent investigation and credibility assessment to public listed companies
Financial analysis for priority projects

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