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Engineering Consulting

GrandTrend is entrusted by clients and supplies consulting service in preset time, based on principles of independence, science, fairness, and armed with scientific technology, economic management and law knowledge, in order to offer intelligent help to economic construction and engineering projects’ decision-making, execution and management and improve macro and micro economic efficiency.
Target Clients:

Target Clients of engineering consulting service are project investors (such as governments, financial organizations), project owners and others with similar needs.

Advantages of our services:

Broad technical domain
GrandTrend can provide whole process engineering consulting services to the industries of new energy, road and transportation, municipal infrastructures, energy and electric engineering, BOT project, etc.
Strong policy-understanding
Based on years’consulting experience, GrandTrend establishes close relationships with national, provincial, municipal, autonomous regional Development and Reform Committees as well as relevant industrial authorities. We have strong policy-understanding on the balance between national macro economy and local interests.
Below is the coverage of GrandTrend’s engineering consulting services:


New Energy

.Wind Energy---- Wind Power Projects

    Whole process consulting services on wind power projects
    Wind power farm industry consulting: Wind power market, wind power equipment manufacturing, manufacturing technical level, wind power technical level, development perspectives
    Wind power farm operation and management consulting. Management model, operational training, equipment maintenance, operation monitoring, staff training, etc.
    Geological exploration and topographic surveying
    Consulting services on wind power BOT project procurement
    Wind measurement consulting services (selection of wind measurement tower, number and height)
    Wind resource assessment of wind power farm (daily, monthly, seasonally, annual analyzing reports and power generation capacity estimation)

    Wind power planning consulting(Site selection Analyzing annual and seasonal change of wind condition; analyzing and assessing winder energy resources ;Briefly describing engineering geologies, transportation and installation conditions;Specifying the site range of wind power farm, estimating installation capacity of wind power farm;Proposing primary scheme of wind power farm electric switching in system ;Primary Assessment of Environmental Impacts ;Planning sequence of wind power development ;Investment estimation)

    Research on investment opportunity
    Pre-feasibility Study
    Feasibility Study
    According to the requirements setout in Guidelines of Compilation of Wind Power Project Feasibility Study Report, Proposing the following:
( Wind resource assessment; Wind power generators selection and layout optimization, feasibility analysis of transportation
; Computation of annul electricity output, switching in scheme of step-up substation to the electric system, and wiring connection scheme of wind power generators integrated circuit.; Civil works and construction organizational arrangement; Environment protection, and water and soil conservation; Investment estimation, financing scheme optimization and economic evaluation; Compiling of Feasibility Study Report)
    Risk and de-risk measurements of wind power project investment
    Compiling of bid documents for BOT project
    Wind power farm engineering design consulting and layout optimization
    Construction consulting( Construction organizational arrangement; Construction supervision; Tower fabrication supervision; Equipment installation)
    Project management consulting
    Operational management consulting
    Post-appraisal of wind power farm

.Biomass energy Utilization

     Biopower generation consulting
     Biomass energy resource assessment
     Biomass energy utilization planning
     Feasibility study of biomass power project( Sites selection; Biomass resources distribution survey and assessment for selected plant site(consisting of biomass distribution, collection and utilization in past five years and within 50km in scope, and the future development trend ,transportation and storage means) ; Local power system and switching in scheme; Power Station boiler and steam-driven generator alternatives comparison and selection ; Construction conditions at the plant site, including the use of land and water resources, engineering geology, hydrological geology, flood control and drainage, climate factors, communication and transportation, social and economic development, industry concentration etc. ; Primary proposal of biopower station, consisting of scale, public utilities and ancillary facilities, general layout, biomass storage and transportation scheme, land occupation, land use control indicators, etc. ; Initial Environmental Impact Assessment; Occupational health and safety; Manpower requirement; Construction implementation schedule; Investment estimation and financial evaluation; Risk analysis and de-risk measures (the impact of harsh meteorological conditions such as typhoon, hailstone, drought and raininess on biomass, plantation area decrease and change to other purposes of utilization)

.Solar Energy Application

    Solar energy resource assessment and evaluation
    Solar energy utilization and building integration
    Solar energy utilization techniques, such as Solar PV
    Prophase study of solar energy utilization
    Solar energy project execution program

.Geothermal Energy Utilization

    Geothermal energy resource survey and research
    Current status of Geothermal energy utilization
    Geothermal energy utilization techniques
    Geothermal energy resource utilization evaluation
    Prophase research of Geothermal energy utilization project
    Geothermal pumped heating and cooling system
    Geothermal energy project execution program

.Ocean energy

Tidal Energy Utilization

    Tidal energy resources investigation
    Tidal energy resource assessment
    Tidal energy power project site selection
    Prophase research of tidal power projects, including (investment opportunity research, pre-feasibility study, feasibility study)
    Tidal power project implementation program

.Small hydropower

    Small hydropower resources investigation
    Small hydropower resource assessment
    Small hydropower power project site selection
    Prophase research Small hydropower projects, including (investment opportunity research, pre-feasibility study, feasibility study)
    Small hydropower project implementation program

Road Engineering

     Whole process consulting services on road engineering
     Social and economic benefits evaluation of road projects construction
     Transportation flow quantity analysis and forecast
     Investment opportunity research
     Pre-feasibility study
     Feasibility study
     Road engineering design consulting
     Compiling project bid documents
     Project management consulting
     Post appraisal of road construction
     Road mechanical and electrical engineering design consulting

Municipal public utilities infrastructures

Municipal infrastructures whole process consulting services

.Municipal road engineering

     Compiling project proposal
     Compiling feasibility study report
     Municipal roads design
     Composing bid  or tendering documents
     Project management consulting
     Post appraisal

.Urban Wastewater Treatment Engineering

    Urban sewage quantity forecast
    Site selection for urban wastewater treatment plant
    Investment opportunity research
    Pre-feasibility study
    Feasibility study
    Composing bid or tendering documents
    Project management consulting

.Urban trash incinerator and other projects

    Site selection for trash incinerator stations
    Incineration schemes
    Heat and power supplying scheme for trash incineration plant
    Prophase research for urban trash incineration (investment opportunity research, pre-feasibility study, feasibility study)


Energy and Power Engineering Projects

    Thermal power investment opportunity research
    Site selection for thermal power plant
    Pre-feasibility study
    Feasibility study
    Project application report
    Composing project bid or tendering documents
    Project construction consulting
    Project management consulting
    Hydropower investment opportunity research
    Dam site selection
    Pre-feasibility study
    Feasibility study
    Project bid documents
    Project application report
    Project construction consulting
    Project management consulting

BOT Project Consulting

For governments

    Assisting governments in designing financing schemes for infrastructure projects
    Preparing financial feasibility analysis report
    Preparing tendering documents
    Compiling project information memo
    Preparing concession agreement
    Organizing negotiation with investors on concession right
    Handling all financing issues as delegated by governments

For investors

    Project due diligences
    Developing bidding or investment plan and strategy
    Compiling project feasibility study report
    Composing bid documents
    Negotiation with government as delegated by investors
    Dealing with all bid and investment issues as delegate of investors

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