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FAQ on Employment Policy of GrandTrend

¢ñ.What is the HR strategy of GrandTrend International?

        GrandTrend is an intellect-intensive company, whose main products are the high-level intellectual services for its clients. GrandTrend believes in putting people first because people are essential to the development strategy of all consulting companies. People development, including both earnings and professional capacity, should also be in accordance with the development of company. GrandTrend will build a setting with promising future, competitive payment packages and impartial working environment to attract qualified talents.  

       The HR policy at GrandTrend is simple. Equally treated people development is purely based on ones capacity and professional potential. GrandTrend offers favorable environment for employees to develop themselves and add values to clients. The principles of GrandTrend are being honest, committed, diligent, harmonized and cooperative, by which clients will receive competitive and high quality consulting services.

       GrandTrend has accumulated considerable number of project cases in engineering consulting services that are available for employees to learn and share. Also prestigious experts are periodically invited to give training for staff. Here at GrandTrend, a learning organization is not only a slogan, but also a tangible routine activity.

¢ò.What are the recruitment procedures and compensation packages like in GrandTrend?

       GrandTrend will provide favorable rewards to its staff:
      1¡¢Guaranteed monthly payment, including base salary, allowances and subsidies, and personal borne part of social benefits, housing fund ,  and income tax.

      2¡¢including bonus and other welfare.

      3¡¢The company will pay the five kinds of social insurances and housing fund for formally employed individuals.

¢ó.What qualities are we looking for?

      1¡¢Talents who are honest, committed and diligent, responsible and cooperative, have spirit to work in a team and undertake pressure. 

      2¡¢Talents who could think independently, be creative, have good self-learning capability, strong analytical and problem solving skills, be able to work and implement project independently.

      3¡¢Talents who are healthy and have qualified academic background to match the position applying for.
      4¡¢Skilled reading and writing abilities and proficient in Office working software.

      5¡¢Strong ability in writing, organizing, communications, presentation and coordination ability, able to present viewpoints quickly using concise languages, Strongly English proficiency is desirable. 

      6¡¢Strong computer skills, sophisticated in variousdocument processing and Drawing software applications.
¢ô.What specialties are we looking for? 

      1¡¢Civil Works and environmental engineering, water resources and hydropower engineering, energy and power, project management, technical economics, applied mathematics, finance and accounting, administration and secretary, etc.

      2¡¢Senior and medium level professionals experienced in the design and construction of water resources and hydropower projects

      3¡¢Senior and medium level talents with experience in electric engineering (primary system and secondary system).

      4¡¢Senior and medium level professional cost estimators on water resources and hydropower project (with working experience).

¢õ.What will the talents do if employed by GrandTrend?

      1¡¢Investing and financing analysis and planning, feasibility study, contractual documents preparation, procurement and tendering consulting, project management, investment consulting, international economic and technical cooperation etc on infrastructure projects such as new energies (wind power, etc), CDM project development, energy, roads, municipal works, water supply and wastewater treatment, etc.

      2¡¢Wind power project design consulting services, including wind power resource assessment, feasibility study, project design, budgeting and cost estimating, wind power equipment, civil works, electric engineering, project management etc.

      3¡¢Investment and technical consulting services for other infrastructure projects, such as energy and power, water resources and hydroelectric projects, oil and gas development and utilization, new technology promotion and application , agriculture development projects.

¢ö.What is the recruitment procedure of GrandTrend?

      1 ¡¢Firstly applicants should submit detailed CV, recent Photo, relevant certificates and contact details etc. to GrandTrend.

      2¡¢Secondly a written exam will be organized and the successful candidates will be invited for a face-to-face interview. Final candidates will enter into the probation period for three month, during which health checkups will be organized and the income will be the same as official employment.

      3¡¢Thirdly, after successfully passing the probation period and the health checkup, an official employment contract will be signed between the employee and GrandTrend.

      4¡¢Lastly, personal record dossier will be transferred to the company directory at Beijing Talents Service Center. For CCP members, their organizational relations file will be transferred into the Party Committee of Beijing Talents Service Center, the latter will group them into appropriate branch.

¢÷.What is needed for new energy project consulting?

      1¡¢At present most of universities and colleges in China do not have the discipline in new energies. Therefore the majority of people currently working on new energy and wind power projects are originally from sectors of power engineering, water resources and hydropower engineering, civil and environmental engineering. New energy in China is a completely new discipline and a developing industry.It is easier to make achievements in a new industry comparing with other traditional industries.   

      2¡¢The graduates majoring in water resource and hydropower engineering are very suitable for working in wind power project consulting services, because firstly: hydropower and wind power projects have similar natural circumstances;

      secondly, the wind measurement, wind power resource assessment, wind energy calculation, wind farm optimal planning etc. in wind power projects are similar to the hydrological measurement, water energy assessment, water energy calculation, project layout in water resources and hydropower engineering methodology, concepts and mathematical tools. This implies the transformation of work is not difficult and their former experience could be applied and yield fruitful achievement in the wind power industries. At present most of the wind power experts in China came from the power engineering and hydropower sectors.

      3¡¢Wind energy, one of the new energies, has great development potential in China. The total potential generation capacity of wind power on land exceeds 0.25 billion KW (the potential of hydropower capacity in China is about 0.3 billion KW) and on-the-sea wind power potential has about 1 billion KW,. From the strategic point of view of China, new energy will be the future priority of the energy development strategy. Hence, if engaged in the new energy development, one will have a greater space in personal career development.  

¢ø.Does GrandTrend accept part-time, internship and task accounting?
Yes. GrandTrend welcomes.

¢ù.Does GrandTrend accept retired experts?
Yes. They are appreciated by GrandTrend.


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