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Company Profile

Beijing GrandTrend International Economic and Technical Consulting Co., Ltd (GrandTrend in short) was established under  the Corporation Law of the People’s Republic of China. The registered capital of GrandTrend International is CNY 10 millions.GrandTrend is qualified with Class A Engineering Consultancy Certificate (10120060062) and Class B Design Certificate£¨No.A211002464£©for power engineering projects(wind power) issued by the government,  focusing on providing consulting services in various areas of new energy development, such as engineering, investment and financing, CDM project development, BOT project, management, international economic and technical cooperation and other comprehensive multi-discipline services. The strength and future key development domains of GrandTrend are to provide consulting services on new energy projects (such as wind power ,Solar Energy and biomass energy utilization projects), roads and transportation projects, municipal public utility projects in engineering, investment and financing, and BOT projects. GrandTrend can provide whole process consulting services to all above industries.

GrandTrend stands in a leading position in new energy project consulting services. It set foot in the wind power sector very early in China, and has taken part in many wind power BOT projects as various roles, and is one of the major consulting companies in wind power industry. GrandTrend owns the core technologies of wind power project design consulting, namely wind resources analysis, wind energy assessment, generators layout optimization and micro-sites selection, and holds the latest version and most advanced software WAsP and WindFarmer for wind power analysis and design optimization. GrandTrend can offer whole process consulting services from the very initial phase of wind power development planning to wind resource assessment, field geological exploration, survey, feasibility study, submission for approval, etc.

GrandTrend holds high credibility among new and existing clients, on the basis of excellent and effective consulting services, and strong serving principles of being honest and accountable. It also sets up credible cooperation relationship with relevant government agencies and big international organizations, thus owns powerful project development ability. Especially in recent years, the company has shown good performance on new energy projects, roads and transportation projects, and municipal public utility project consulting services for a number of governmental agencies, large domestic and oversea organizations. The keys to these successes are the strength in human resources, professional technical advantages, information resources and being precise, accountable, high quality and effective. In thermal power generation projects and pumped storage power projects, we provided excellent engineering and investment consulting services for relevant clients. In CDM project development consulting, exciting progress is being made. As to international economic and technical cooperation, GrandTrend is steadily cooperating with Asian Development Bank and international new energy development organizations, and for management consulting, projects are also being implemented.

With win-win spirit, GrandTrend has already established long-term strategic cooperation relationships with relevant government departments and relevant large/medium enterprises.

Facing the challenges of rapid population growth, resource shortage and environmental pollution, GrandTrend insists on and promotes the concepts of sustainable development. We provide whole process consulting services to renewable energy projects, such as the utilization of wind energy, wind power generation projects, solar energy, geothermal energy, ocean energy and biomass energy projects. We can also provide investment environment survey study, earlier phase study and demonstration, business planning, financing and project management consulting service to industries of water resources and hydropower, communication and transportation, municipal infrastructures, environment protection facilities, oil and gas development and utilization, high and advanced technology promotion and application, agricultural development etc.

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