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Geothermal Energy and its Utilization

Geothermal energy is the heat comes from the deep  earth and considered as one kind of new energies with enormous potential. Ancient people had been using geothermal water for bathing and cooking, and there was even a famous verse written by Bai Juyi in Tang Dynasty saying "Bathed her in the Flower pure Pool in the cold Spring,her creamy-tinted crystal skin was warmed and smoothed by the Hot spring"which described that situation. Some geothermy will come to the ground surface together with the gushing hot stream, and others have to be led out by well-digging. As geothermal energy distributes rather dispersedly, it is hard for exploitation. 

Geothermal energy is used in many ways and has great potential for development. It is not affected by weather change and can serve  as basic load or supply in demand. Currently it is mainly used for bath, greenhouse and heating in winter, the utilization for power generation has been lasting for several decades.

Besides bath and heat-supply, the main utilization of geothermal energy is for power generation.Presently more matured technology is to push middle-temperate (100) water flowing through binary fluid cycle generator for power generation.

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